Roller Shutters

The roller shutters are designed to offer energy savings, security and protection. They allow the control and regulation of light, avoiding energy losses and the entry of heat.


In PERSIANAS ROMA we make blinds of work with aluminum lama of maximum quality. We have three lama models:

  • Slats Model C-40 Curve
  • Slats Model C-45 Curve
  • Slats Model P-40 Flat

All these models in the following colors:

  • Base: Ivory and White
  • Group 1: Gray 11, Bordeaux 3005, Green 05, Green 09, Natural, Brown 14, Brown 17 and Black
  • Group 2: Bronze and Gray 16
  • Group 3: Speckled Gray, Inox, Dark Wood, Wood 120, Wood 170 and Winchester
Thermal isolation

Thanks to the fact that the slats are filled with an insulating polyurethane foam, the aluminum blinds offer a great thermal insulation.

Reduced weight

The aluminum manufacturing of the slats, makes the aluminum blinds much lighter than other models of blinds. Facilitating its use.

Acoustic isolation

As with thermal insulation, the composition of the slats with polyurethane offers great acoustic insulation.

Resistance to the weather

The aluminum slats offer great resistance to the passage of time, the sun, etc.

Slats of PVC

Persianas ROMA offers two models of PVC slats for blinds. The quality of the PVC used in the manufacture of the blinds offers great robustness and consistency. The models of slats manufactured offer different characteristics of use:

  • Lama Model PVC-37: model designed for those installations where there is a minimum space for rolling the shutter. For this reason, it is supplied with a 40 mm shaft.
  • Lama Model ROCA: model manufactured with premium quality PVC, which allows it to better withstand temperature changes.

The two lama models are manufactured in white and ivory colors.

Extruded aluminium Roller shutters

PERSIANAS ROMA Extruded aluminium Roller shutters offer a much higher resistance to the rest of blind slats. They are designed to offer additional security to windows and doors where they are installed. We offer two safety lama models:

  • Slats Model SC-40 Curve: Curved strip of 40 mm coverage and double wall aluminum of 1.1 mm thickness each.
  • Slats Model SP-45 Flat: Flat plank of 45 mm of coverage and aluminum of double wall of 1,3 mm of thickness each one.

The two lama models are manufactured in white. For lacquering in other colors it will be done under budget.

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About us

PERSIANAS ROMA is one of the main national manufacturers of solutions for SOLAR PROTECTION OF INTERIOR for professionals in the sector.


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