Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the perfect choice if we want maximum solar control, with a simple and elegant product. The roller blind is integrated into any environment, thanks to the extensive catalog of fabrics and materials

There is a large number of fabrics and colors in fabrics for roller blinds. But we can summarize it in three types:

  • Translucent fabrics: allow the entry of light, but without vision to the outside.
  • Opaque fabrics: fabrics that prevent the entry of light through them.
  • Microperforated fabrics Screen: fabrics that allow the vision to the outside, keeping the filtering of the light inside.

The roller blinds can be labeled, printing on them any type of logo, photograph or text.



Roller blinds made of fiberglass screen are perfect for sun protection. There is a very wide range of this type of fabrics, allowing to choose between different openings. In this way, more or less light is allowed into the room.

Some of the characteristics of Screen fabrics are:

  • They help to improve the thermal sensation inside a room, with the consequent savings in air conditioning.
  • The Screen is an easy maintenance and cleaning material.
  • It avoids the feeling of oppression in a room, since it allows to maintain the vision towards the outside.
  • It is a flame retardant fabric.
  • It is a high strength material that does not degrade with the passage of time.
  • They help reduce glare, especially on computers and TV screens.

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