We manufacture aluminum and PVC with double partition boxes. This drawer system is placed just above the window, forming a compact block.

We have a wide range of sizes and colors that adapt to all installations. Our boxes are recommended to install in new homes, renovations or rehabilitations.

Thanks to its technical characteristics, the boxes guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation, together with air permeability.

The Aluminum Boxes with four aluminum profiles and end walls. It can be served with PVC-37 slat, C-40 aluminum slat or aluminum safety SC-40 slat. For its part, the PVC Boxes has a double-walled PVC partition with four profiles and aluminum or PVC end walls. Extruded aluminum front panels (interior, exterior or both) can be included

Manufacturer of Awnings and Pergolas

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About us

PERSIANAS ROMA is one of the main national manufacturers of solutions for SOLAR PROTECTION OF INTERIOR for professionals in the sector.


C/ Vigo, 2. Parque Tecnológico de Galicia. 32901 San Ciprián de Viñas - Spain


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